Industry Member Involvement

PREP for IT is also a research initiative aimed at developing an evidence-based program for improving the work readiness of IT students with autism. We assess student outcomes using self-reported measures of work readiness, self-advocacy, and positive sense of self, as well as faculty or IT professionals’ assessment of student interviews, collaboration and communication measures.

How can industry members get involved?

The success of PREP for IT depends on engagement from IT professionals and firms. Industry engagement provides vital real-life experience for IT students with autism, as well as contributes to the sustainability of the program. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with industry using the iSchool’s model for engagement below developed with our iAffiliates corporate partners. Companies and IT professionals can be involved in the program by engaging in any combination of the following:

How will engagement benefit industry members?

  • Intellectual and social rewards from engaging and mentoring talented young adults
  • Satisfaction from preparing the next generation of IT talent
  • Pipeline of exceptional workplace ready IT talent
  • Media coverage on iSchool and UW websites and various press releases
  • Enhance your firm’s brand recognition with UW students
Thank you for considering engagement in PREP for IT. We hope you choose take part in empowering students with autism to excel in their professional pursuits.